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Readers, especially Reviewers, Reporters and Scholars, 

please read the appropriate  Errata before citing any paraverse press book.
The author-publisher hopes some of his errors amuse you, and apologizes for the rest!

Working alone without funds and, consequently, employees, your author-publisher, had to waste so much time  on hard and software problems: see hardsoftware.htm ) and the chores all  poor people cannot avoid that thorough proofing was impossible.  For this reason, and because, to be honest,  he never was one for details, there are many errors needing correction in his books.  Readers are invited to send corrections (or offer their free proof-reading skills).   Book-by-book Errata links  are provided below.   To prevent wasted effort for both of us, please check carefully, lest you correct something already corrected and if it is not, write Robin D Gill at  uncoolwabin at hotmail, a dot com, tell him what you found and he (I) will be grateful.

Errata in Japanese will be listed separately on the seigohyou.htm  page.  (Corrections in Japanese may be sent to the above hotmail address or the author's full name (with middle initial and all small letters) at g mail.)

Cherry Blossom Epiphany  errata cherry

Fly-ku!   errata fly

Kyoka, Japan's Mad Verse  errata for mad reader

Mad In Translation  errata mad

Octopussy, Dry Liver & Hot Spots  errata octopussy

Orientalism & Occidentalism  errata ori

Rise, Ye Sea Slugs  errata rise

The Fifth Season  errata fifth

The Woman Without a Hole  errata no hole

Topsy-turvy 1585   errata topsy-turvy

Dolphin in the Woods   errata































The embossed photo shows the bookcase of the author in 1998  Japan, Kawasaki, Ikuta, Bamboo Grove, Apartment, Corner Room, Futon-from. A plum branch is blooming. See it?