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ERRATA for Octopussy, Dry Kidney & Blue Spots  
  The Woman Without a Hole
(the same book)
The most embarrassing first (after that, in page order, but big booboos first and little ones after the Index mistakes):

On page 400 I mention a book I helped get translated into Japanese for the first time (and corrected the translation): Thoreau's ConcordYikes! 

Make that Cape Cod!

What do you call a  typo in the brain?


Page 165 and 168. Oh, no! No, Komachi!  I call Ono no Komachi, "Ono Komachi," which is her name, as written in Chinese characters.  The "no," meaning something like the "de" in Spanish names ought to be there.

Page 245 line 2. Please change “the clap” to kidney-stones! One Chinese source speaks of tasting urine, but the 14 & 16c Japanese monogatari sources neither specify urine nor how it was sampled. The verb used, “nameru,” is one that can mean either to taste a bit, or sample or to lick/suck, so that might explain the b.j. idea found in senryu. One puzzling element is why urine-tasting would be considered so horribly degrading that none of the King’s ministers or the doctors that needed a description to make a diagnosis and save the King would taste it themselves. In Europe, doctors spent so much time looking at, sniffing or tasting urine one might think they were all urologists. Perhaps the mere tasting of urine was not thought sufficiently degrad-ing by Japanese story-tellers and artists, so they turned the delivery system into fellatio.


Index woes Nashe (part of his dildo poem) should be on page 89, not 79. Rochester (one i forget, and one having the mother and a fetus at the same time) should be pp 367 and 427, rather than 365 and 425. (When paginating, I often had trouble with the numbers on the bottom bar and the real one diverging, but bad luck for poor Rochester to have both entries wrong!)

Wee typos and stylos.

66 Perhaps, in line four of the "Eddies" is boring and should be removed. It is what I call a stylo.

91  Street-walkers in gloss of first poem need a closing bracket and nose could do without any.

135  Near the bottom: ergo should be capitalized. Ergo she is an octopus.

  Spot any more? Please let me know!

The background cartoon is mentioned in the chapter on moral masturbation: the slug is being compared to konnyaku = devil's tongue, a japanese food and a merkin.  i may not leave it up here for long -- i just want to encourage people to visit the errata!