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Reader  to  Writer


Paraverse press would like to follow the Japanese practice of encouraging readers to write the author-publisher to give their impressions of the book & suggest or ask whatever they wish.  Usually this means a postcard with the following information:


Reader's name___.  Age ___.  Sex ___.  Address __.  Type of Work, or Studies  __.  Newspaper or Magazine subscriptions ___. Bookstore where book was bought __. What made you buy the book __ .  Comments about the book  __.  Ditto for other books by the publisher __.  What books you want the publisher to do __.


fall, again
am i a boll weevil
or a snail?



family circumstances
keep the author-publisher
in an address with a horrid
mail box, so this plan must
be deferred. But, please,
send me an e-mail and
i will try to get a blog
going soon, so we
may correspond
more easily.


If you have special wisdom/information to impart,  please note that each book also has a separate page for  Errata   and    Glosses.    
Letters to the author-publisher may be  e-mailed to info AT paraverse DOT org, and/or uncoolwabin AT hotmail DOT com.


once i get the blog going,
the following (now dead) links
will be used to share your
input with the world.


Comments for  "Rise, Ye Sea Slugs!"     "Orientalism & Occidentalism"  and, likewise for the other books . . .


robin d. gill