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Cherry Blossom Epiphany   Reviews by SW (mountainsandrivers), Lewis Cook (Gabi's blog?) & Gillian Fabre (Haiku Spirit?)
Fly-ku!   Reviews by Carlos Amantea (R.A.L.P.H.),  Jane Reichhold (Lynx), R. Wilson (Simply Haiku), & etc.
Orientalism & Occidentalism -- Is the Mistranslation of Culture Inevitable?  has only a blurb.
Octopussy, Dry Kidney & Blue Spots 
also called  
The Woman Without a Hole     Reviews. by Christine Wunnicke (letter) , Jane Reichhold (LYNX).
Rise, Ye Sea Slugs!   Reviews by W. J. Higginson (Modern Haiku), Thomas Rohlich (Metamorphoses), & etc.
The Fifth Season -- Poetry for the Re-creation of the World     Reviews, one good and one bad, so far.

Topsy-turvy 1585 -- a translation and explication of Luis Frois SJ's Tratado listing 611 ways Europeans and Japanese are Contrary.    Both the long and short versions await their first reviews.

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