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Fly-ku!    errata                        last update: may 10, 2006
Please note that the first 50 or so copies sold should be considered reading copies.  Because they are so few, they will be worth something, some day.  On the other hand, they are full of errors (For example, I mistook the sex of the well-known modern haijin Yamaguchi Seishi (my expertise is more in old haiku) not once but twice!)  If you happened to buy one, I will replace them with a revision if you wish. The choice is yours.
The revised edition (officially the same for I cannot afford a new ISBN!) has a few mistakes and a few questions.
Page 95.  The one who was eaten by mosquitoes and picked on by flies was probably the poet waiting to hear the cuckoo and not the cuckoo or poet-as-cuckoo-like lover going night-crawling.  I guess older poetry was on my mind. Very embarrassing, this.  Thanks to Lewis Cook for pointing this out.

Page 104. Prob. not a mistake, but D. Lanoue has the punctuation due to swatting a fly with the letter rather than the fly doing it by dropping a poop. Needs checking.

Page 146.   I missed the second "t" in "Hackett."   Here, we are talking about the only man writing in English who wrote many haiku that were actually haiku in the 50's and 60's and I misspell his name!  Damn!  Now, let me confess.  Since Blyth was crazy about him in the 50's and 60's, I assumed he was 120 years old or .... But, hallelujah!  He wrote good haiku as a young man (that, itself, a miracle!) and is still alive and with the help of his wife, Patricia, can be found at this website:      http://www.hacketthaiku.com        I have just ordered his bug haiku book.
Page 200.  Modern haiku 81 needs more thought.