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Errata for Kyoka, Japan's Mad Verse (the Mad In Translation Reader)

There are few major errors as I caught many while re-writing from Mad In Translation.  Still, I have found some and hope you will find and advise me about any that remain.
p.40.  oji uba soji hiuba => please cut the second "soji"!

p.61  Kokinshu #146 => #712

p.98  The poem would be more interesting were it written recently => would be less interesting . . .

p.132-3   The translation of   "iku chiri no yama o . . .

"How much trash and how many mounds must pile up before
Our country becomes a world that stays forever more?"

 is fine, but my reading was biased by having read too much on mound-builders in Japan and the Americas.

In retrospect, I think it more likely the poem takes originally celebratory rhetoric to create a lament about the unstable and indeed lamentable politics  -- rapidly changing leaders, betrayal, war -- of his time.  Scholars are welcome to research the poet credited for the poem and weigh in.