Glosses for the books with 1,300 dirty senryu translated by robin d gill: Octopussy, Dry-Kidney and Blues Spots -- also titled The Woman Without a Hole

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Glosses (+additions) for  Octopussy, Dry Kidney & Blue Spots, otherwise named, The Woman Without a Hole.

Mature readers only, click & enjoy the senryu-related picture page!



The two translations of the senryu at the head of Ch.5, "Losing Nose," so difficult with the Ohana wa Ochiyo puns on the harlots' names are this :

                            street-walker names                                            flowery names
                  like sherri or rose: try to enjoy them                    for old whores say your nose
                             without your nose!                                             is next to blow!

I was too happy with these first translations and did not try hard enough or I might have come up with this:

Floras & Roses!
w/ old whores, the first to blow
will be our noses



I found a senryu I want to put somewhere good, perhaps w/  the lead quotes.

Readers without Japanese reading capabilities will see question marks or something, sorry! The two characters inside the translation are the one that protrudes and the one that intrudes which you will find writ large on page 8 of the book/s.

凸凹といふ字無筆も感じ入り 927
deko-boko to iu ji muhitsu mo kanji-iri

              even people                                           and
      who donít write can feel                                                               even the illiterate
           the letters                                        can feel them

even people
who cannot read know


CH 2:  I will add an eddy with a kyouka, or mad poem (#851 in the Tokuwakago Manzaishuu (s?) ) about the menses and access to shrines that plays on a waka more subtly treating the same by Shikibu.
If a major publisher would like to do a 'best of ' version with less redundancy (necessary for a full treatment to provide an accurate picture of the situation) and more  illustrations, please contact me. 

robin d gill at info@ this org, or uncoolwabin at hotmail.