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Pictures related to senryu or discussion found in
The Woman Without a Hole, otherwise named,
Octopussy, Dry Kidney & Blue Spots.


Readers will find a senryu about a crab that masturbating in a dither emasculates himself that starts "kani wa senzuri . . ." on page 84. 

I read that senryu years after finding the cartoon by Kurogane, one of Japan's best known cartoonists of the pre-anime era. The cartoon is not in negative, but I have no time to check on what copyright allows, so . . .

The protagonist breaks off the crab's claw/s at some time and is reproached for that by the crab.  So he tries to give the poor creature some relief and this time . . . We will not see a picture here of what happens next, and maybe the accident does not happen -- for i can also recall the crab clamoring for a wife . . . but the point is we have crab masturbation.

It is possible there is an old picture predating the senryu, to, for senryu writers often borrowed ideas from art, such as is the case with

Readers may recall that in chapter 9, From Warm Up to Dying Aloud and/or ch. 20, Maid Servants or Why they hate senryu, and/or maybe with the marine sex part of ch 8 The Heavenly Octopussy and Herring Roe Ceiling, there are senryu touching upon the cervix, how fingers tickle it better than a penis, how it resembles the anus of a mullet-like fish, etc..

This early 19c print shows the penis pushing against the cervix from within and if you look closely you can even see a fish roe-like ceiling of the vagina!

I print it to 1) give an idea of the details -- consider that some argue (possibly wrongly) that Europeans were not even aware of the clitoris -- found swimming about the Japanese meme pool.  The writing, including senryu shares that detail.




  This is an example of a denizen of The Isle of Wind-loving Women (ch.25). Her wistful expression makes us think she is pining for the wind, but from the direction of the blades of grass, the hair on her face and the ribbons in her hair, we can see the South Wind is already upon her.

Her bountiful pudenda  is flush to the windward and swollen with desire, though it doesn't seem to be letting any wind in yet. Japanese were adamant about foreplay and, doubtless, even the wind was expected to tickle her fancy before blowing up a storm.





After mentioning that
Japanese were adamant
about foreplay above,
 i thought i better show proof,
though my readers will already
know that from the many detailed
senryu on the subject in chapter 4.,
Ox Horn, Devil's Tongue &
 Self Consolation.

They will even
know the names of
all the fingers involved and
that using two fingers
is the proper and
typical way to
do what was

Finger Puppet
(yubi ningyo)

And, more important,
they will know that masturbation
was considered a responsible
way to guard one's chastity
and avoid wasting time
and money when one
should be working
for a better

And, this, of course,
went for men and women.


This is the higo zuiki, the stems of a certain type of taro used to beef up thin penises to satisfy women who required girth and bumpy friction.

Senryu get a kick out of the way it tended to come off and have to be fished out like a tape-worm.

The only previous Englishing of such senryu i know of was by someone who had not seen enough pictures for it was called a dildo: note, there is no higo dildo that i know of.



Readers may guess this is an illustration of  the devil's tongue, or a slab of konnyaku, the condiment of first choice as a merkin, or male masturbatory aid, with a dildo.

I was not afraid of copyright here. This was too ugly to show  in any way but the negative.

The story is mentioned in a note in ch. 4 which mentions various cartoons about konnyaku just to show that the food is not only used for sex  in senryu, but in cartoons, today.  It is a good prop for black humor.

The equation of a horse to a well-endowed man in senryu was in no way surprising, but the way Japanese -- not all Japanese, but old-fashioned Japanese in many parts of the country -- are open-minded about the body parts are.

As i probably wrote in the book, i have been at a year's end party where a young man waved a large Japanese beer bottle to show he was a horse as a bawdy song was sung and the 50ish secretary clicked together the shell of a tiny shellfish symbolic of a small vulva.

However, take care.  This party was held by my first employer in japan, a large translation company. At my next employer, a publisher with more sophisticated? employees, i got kidded for years for drinking half as much as i did at that earlier party and being too loud, etc...

The cartoon is by Suzuki

In more than one chapter, i mention that the japanese paid as much attention to the huge headed penis as we (the Occident) do to the long one and that we may even need to rethink our concept of phallus, or enlarge it at least to include a mushroom/umbrella type as well as our prick/stick/shaft type.

Senryu itself does not touch upon that, except indirectly by using the large vocabulary for sexual parts and various types and ranks of tools, one of which is karidaka, literally "goose-high," and meaning a glans that was something like the one pictured here.

I'll try to get the exact date on this later!



This cartoon accompanies an ad for a spa which shows a photo of a real girl holding konnyaku crafted for intercrural intercourse, as shown on the bottom left.

It even has some fancy literary names applied by a master craftsman who works at the spa and I had them ready to copy here but, unfortunately, cannot recall the file. Maybe I will update it later.

Konnyaku was also sold in balls, and these sex spots are known for oral sex, which you might have noted was found in senryu. Perhaps that explains one of the two frames that have a degrading feeling to them. I do not know why people go for that.  I print this only to show how the devil's tongue is used even today,

This modern illustration by Asaga Yukio shows a man doing what more than one senryu has described, pissing right on the mark made to discourage pissing on the wall!

The horizontal bars of the sign, which comes from the outdoor gate to the Shrine called a torii  are in reality a bit closer.

Readers will know that the torii is also the place where old stewards with nothing better to do  supposedly stood about trying to see if any menstruating women might be trying to slip by and violate the premises.

Likewise here.

This is the last cut from a several page cartoon story in a famous series called Pokochin Tengoku, if I have it right.

The girl's father or grandfather drew the mark on her when he knew she was going out on a hot date, and she who was so hot to trot never noticed, but he did and is afraid of violating the laws of purity.



(2008/2/20 Just read that softshell turtles, terrapin were being over fished by Asian immigrants to the USA.

Maybe it is because they are good for many diseases, but to senryu and to modern japanese men as well -- this is an ad from a magazine published in the 90's that promises that the ekisus or essence of suppon  will  help a man morph into a sexual giant, who can even satisfy his . . . . wife

with a "dreamed for second round"

See those veins?

In the sinosphere a man's glans is called a turtle head/neck. For this reason our shirts by that name get many laughs!






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