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art links


squashes bought at a church on key biscayne
turn into wolves and magic mushrooms and goose-like u.f.o.
creating art for the autumn season


a blowfish or swellfish or globefish found
on my mom's veranda on key biscayne & laid on my scanner,
with a little work became winter art


photos taken by a cvs throw-away camera of the leaves
of a ginger-like plant hit by 120 mph hurricane winds on key biscayne
next to the police station, together with their shadows


copies from pasteled copies of pages with drawings
in my haiku notebook, which might be called haiga, for the subject
of the drawings are also that of some of the haiku


stuff made with the trackpoint (i call it a clit)
on a toshiba or ibm keyboard with the ms-paint that comes
with a new computer, or maybe was in the ms office

(note about the best pictures: the cows no longer
chase after bowled watermelons for a huge cement company
took over the field and there are no watermelons)