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Supplemental to my column in the online haiku magazine Simply Haiku

h a i k u    i n    c o n t e x t



The quarterly column began in January 2005.  I will outline the series and give the direct links to Simply Haiku, later. But if you find one article interesting, please read the others by looking at the Simply Haiku archives. My favorites are the first Pissing On the New Year, the second, The Peon and the Peony  (summer 2005) and the fourth, Poverty God (winter 2005).          
For now, three  links with supplementary information, below:
Click here  for 20 drawings made of Buson's famous ku about the monsoon rain, a large river and two houses if you have read "Which Side . . ."  Otherwise, please read it first.
Click here  for an enlargement of a page from Issa's Journal with my ridiculous illustration of Issa using his wife Kiku's ass as a pillow for viewing the summer moon in his totally uncelebrated ku.
Click here  the Japanese for all the peony haiku in The Peony and the Peon (Simply Haiku, summer 2005)
Click here for an article about Teitoku's much maligned Slobberal ku once i get the exact link.  Meanwhile, you can find it yourself in the New Year 2005 issue of Jane Reichhold's  online magazine LYNX.

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