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Q & A

Please help me with Edo era haiku and older renga, etc.  Note: the site is in Japanese only.

3 Haiku Magazines

Simply Haiku has the most haiku-related articles up anywhere on the www, including my column, Haiku In Context, or HIC! which has discussed Pissing on the New Year, the Peon and the Peony and, most recently, the Poverty God (binbougami).  The magazine deserves a much greater readership than it has.

Aha has a tremendous eclectic collection of Japanese poetry of all types and it is heart-warming to know there is someone (Jane Reichold) who is as wild as me (though not so wild as Geert), who thinks reading Rise, Ye Sea Slugs! (with all its notes) could give someone whiplash. Seriously, you can enjoy yourself for hours/days/months at Jane's site.

Modern Haiku  is not all on-line, but take a look and you will see it is ever the classic haiku magazine in English. William J. Higginson's (must make a link to his wordsmithing site later) five-page review of Rise, Ye Sea Slugs! in it was my first review. I am still waiting for the New York Times to follow suit.

if you read japanese, take a peek at the

Japanese  Haiku bbs's where I play, using the name Keigu, meaning "Respect-Foolishness," which sums up my attitude toward poetry:

Satin Doll with daily topics as chosen by participants and hosted by the gracious Furiko-san

 Ukimidou, or
the floating pavilion,
with its shiritori (verse-capping) hosted by the ever-attentive Tenki-san. The link is to Tenki's homepage.

  more to come!