The Way of Ways is never a way.  Way-less is the Way of Ways. The Way is not this way or that.  The Way is all ways and none.  The way you say is not the Way!  All ways lie in the way of the Way!  No ways lie in the way of the Way! 


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The Way of Ways lies out of the way.  No way is a way to the Way.  The Way is away from any way.  To choose a way is to lose the way.  There is no way to find the Way.  All ways stray from the Way that stays.   All ways stray from Always.  





To take a way is to lose It. All ways lead away from The Way. All ways never lead to Always.  Forget all ways to find Always.  All ways lost means Always found!  No way but the Way is all ways.  No way is Always.  No way is always the Way.


The Way that can be described is not the eternal Way.  The Course that can be discoursed is not the eternal Course. The Go that can be gone is an emergency go.  The way that can be weighed is not the Regular way.  The flow that can be followed is not the real Flow.


Energy which is energetic is not true energy.  Force forced isnít force.   Force forced is not The Force.  The discoursable course is not the course.  Out of the way of ways is the Way.  Give way to all ways: thatís the Way! No way is the Way of Ways. 



The Way is always Ė all ways are not. The Way of always, all ways is not.  All ways are not the Way of Ways. The Way of Ways is weigh enough!  The Way is every which way but.  Every which way but is the Way.  Only the Way is not in the way. 


That-a-way-to-go-man! Ainít no Way, no way.  Ainít no way, that-a-way-to-go-man is the Way! Get out of the way, if you would find It!  The surferís turn! The above are translations of the first 6 words of the Tao Te Ching ďway-can-way-not-regular-wayĒ    


7 are by Alan Watts*, the rest are by robin d. gill. In his autobiography Cloud-hidden, Whereabouts Un-known, Watts claims 80 translations exist, we bet there are 800!  What do you think?  Ė uncoolwabin   

*See also his Tao: The Watercourse Way


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